Overall, I enjoyed completing this presentation just as much if not more than any of the other tasks assigned in class. There were so many elements that came together which made this experience enjoyable, laughable and “educationally entertaining”, if you will.

       First and foremost, I was able to choose a topic which reflected the type of content I would like to acknowledge in my future books. Additionally, although I liked the story I read, I had to verify the subject matter before presenting the information; and in doing so, I found several inconsistencies that I had to further research. This is familiar to me though, because it is something that I am doing currently in the hopes of presenting the most factual and scholarly material in my own future books.

       Additionally, I was able to delve more into how to film, edit and eventually, export a video to be utilized and shared through social media, email or other channels to attract exposure to my work and future endeavors; while also attracting future target customers and building a fanbase for the organization.

       Most importantly, I was able to collaborate on this project with my 9-year old daughter! Due to the technological savviness of her generation, she was able to show me how to trim and edit the video, as well as add in special effects to attract ideal clients such as herself (in particular, her age range) and their parents and grandparents as well. We were able to work together to research special effects and how they could be utilized to create “aesthetically” pleasing video/content. Largely, I was pleased with our final result and felt that it would be a wonderful initial video to share on social media accounts to produce visibility for the company and help to grow the potential future buyers of the products.