Homogenous Teams are a No, No!!!

More than anyone else, the CEO is accountable for being the “visionary” of the team, meticulously collecting the most fitting individuals who can additionally bring the most desirable skillsets to the table. CEO’s must value diversity and the tremendous effect it plays in the overall success of the venture. Hiring individuals from various backgrounds (i.e. culture, employment experience, education, socio-economic status) promotes several underlying positive factors. As a result, the company is now marketable to this new employee’s social network; and, chances are if he or she enjoys the company enough to work for it, this individual will also promote services/products amongst family and friends alike. After accumulating the necessary social capital for the enterprise, CEO’s must continually plan and confer with these team leaders to maintain relationships, oversee departmental projects and determine how the organization will fit in with the ever-changing economic climate and the unmet needs of customers.

Since the overall successes (and therefore failures) are primarily attributable to the employees that are screened and successively hired, it is vital to hire and keep A-Players. As Eric Herrenkohl notes in How to Hire A-Players, “nothing has a bigger impact on the results of your business and the quality of your life than hiring and keeping A-players.” It is noted that these individuals will play an exponential and not incremental role in the business as they will facilitate the overall growth of the company while also sharpening their skills and developing the talent assigned to their department. Herrenkohl also asserts, “a good A-player can take responsibility for important pieces of the business, oversee other people and bring in new business.” Furthermore, it is imperative to note that once these individuals are accustomed to the culture of the organization, they will be able to “move the ball” well in the absence of direction.

Hopefully, after reading this blog you, the entrepreneur, will better understand the importance of having diverse teams over those with a more homogenous makeup; and, the benefits that come as a result. While it may initially be challenging for diverse teams to coalesce, with small efforts on the part of management (i.e. team retreats or team building exercises) individuals can and will grow their sense of involvement and commitment to the enterprise. This in turn can only be more promising as the venture gains stability and eventually elects to expand to various promising markets.



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