ADT: Free Home Security System Ad
Description: A newsprint home security ad from ADT, showing several products that are being offered with services from “the #1 home security company in the US.” The advertisement displays several other free offers if the consumer interested initiates services with a 36-month monitoring agreement. Additionally, the installation costs associated start at $99 and this advertisement is for new customers only. There are 4 labels that denote what products are FREE with this promotion. (As a side note, I DESPISE fine print. I think it is an irresponsible and deceitful technique used to sell products. I’d much rather a company be direct about their services and/or products instead of squishing them into an ad with a font size only an Eagle could read!!!)

Objectives: The objectives of the ad are clearly to sell more. The ad denotes that it is specifically for new customers and informs them of additional “FREE” means of security that will be supplied with this package. The objectives are certainly attainable and measurable since individuals are always looking to protect themselves as thoroughly as possible. Moreover, they can be measured by identifying how many consumers sign up for the promotion using the specific code provided. This offer expires April 18, 2020.

Target Market: The target market would be homeowners or renters looking to protect their families and assets from theft and/or burglary.

Action of Viewers: The ad wants the viewer to purchase these security products. More importantly, to contract with ADT for 36 months to receive these services and any future promotional offers that become available in an effort to protect their homes and subsequent assets (i.e. family, possessions, etc.)

Value Proposition: ADT affirms that they are the “#1 home security company in the US” and that after purchasing their products and subsequent services, your home as well as your possessions will be protected beyond measure.


Martha Stewart: Eggstraspecial Easter
Description: This ad is promoting Martha Stewart and her associated Martha Stewart TV available through a variety of streaming devices. This ad specifically promotes her “Eggstraspecial Easter” show where she would be showing viewers how to prepare a delicious Easter meal as well as several other tips and tricks for the Spring season. Since Martha is a reputable celebrity figure know for her crafty décor and chic cuisine, the ad is certainly hoping to appeal to those who have a fondness for her style.

Objectives: The objectives of the ad are to get viewers to subscribe to Martha Stewart TV. The ad is certainly wanting to sell more as it includes a 14-day free trial that consumers can partake in as well as a promotional code that will allow them a discounted rate once the promotion period is complete. The objectives are certainly attainable and could be measured by how many individuals tuned into this special specifically because of this advertisement since there is a promotional code associated with the ad. While the promotion isn’t time specific, the “Eggstraspecial Easter” show certainly would be since Easter is not every day.

Target Market: I believe the target market is affluent middle-aged white women that can relate to Martha Stewart and have a penchant for the types of crafts and cuisines she prepares. In addition, I think with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg co-hosting a show together on the VH-1 network that this could potentially open up her target market to younger viewers of various ethnicities who enjoy her personality, her decorative skills and the gourmet food she is known for.

Action of Viewers: The ad wants the viewer to purchase Martha Stewart TV on whatever streaming devices they utilize so they can enjoy the benefits that she provides to her fans. Whether that be in developing or improving their cooking or crafting skills or potentially both!

Value Proposition: This ad clearly identifies Martha Stewart as a skilled artisan and chef that will potentially show viewers interesting ways to prepare food and crafts around their home. The ad distinguishes Martha from her peers in the same field and encourages viewers to have an “Eggstraspecial” time with her! (No pun intended ?)

News and Observer
Description: This ad for the News & Observer is interesting because it utilizes another product to promote their services. The ad displays a speaker and encourages viewers to “listen” to their news via Amazon Alexa’s technologically savvy products.

Objectives: The objectives of the ad are to persuade users to utilize the News & Observer to also “listen” to daily news updates as well receive information pertaining to the local weather forecast. The ad seems to be acknowledging that individuals acquire their news in several forms and wants to capitalize on the trend of using voice-enabled technologies to do so. The objectives are certainly attainable and measurable since the News & Observer can ascertain how many subscriptions they receive are tied to the use of these novel technologies.

Target Market: The target market is obviously those who read the News and Observer; but, looking more closely, it would also appear to be individuals who are in a higher income bracket and can afford to purchase the subscription as well as the subsequent technology to enable the Amazon Alexa services.

Action of Viewers: The ad wants the consumer to utilize the services in the most convenient manner for them. The viewer will benefit by not being inconvenienced, they can consequently acquire their news whenever and wherever they are.

Value Proposition: The News & Observer is revealing to their customers and future clients that they will go above and beyond just standard printing for individuals to receive their news. They are confirming that they are committed to staying current with technology and providing convenient methods for their subscribers to access their services routinely.


Tarheel Basement Systems
Description: This newsprint ad is for Tarheel Basement Systems and depicts an individual that is presumed to be ill as he has a tissue over his nose and mouth. The advertisement questions whether potential clients are ill due to their homes and explains further that mold, pests, failing insulation and wood rotting fungus could all be potential culprits causing sickness in prospective clients. The ad goes on to further explain that Tarheel Basement Systems will come to your home and renovate your basement to ensure that you and your family are healthy and continue to stay that way.

Objectives: The objective of the ad is to get individuals to think about the condition of their homes and whether or not they could potentially be making them ill. If so, Tarheel Basement Systems assures these potential clients that they can easily come by, provide a free estimate and rid the home of any of these conditions that could make anyone in the home sick. The objectives are attainable and could be measured by how many prospective clients call in because they saw this ad in the newspaper. This ad is time sensitive and denotes that it is a limited time offer.

Target Market: The target market would be homeowners or renters; but specifically, those who have a basement in their houses.

Action of Viewers: The ad is encouraging viewers to act immediately and rid their home of any of these harmful conditions by allowing Tarheel Basement Systems to assess any damages to the basement and proceed accordingly with rectifying the situation.

Value Proposition: Tarheel Basement Systems ensures potential customers that for free, they will come into their homes and assess any impending conditions that could put their family’s health in jeopardy. The company assures the prospective client that they will come in and remedy the situation to ensure that all family members are in tip top shape throughout the year.


West Shore Home
Description: West Shore Home’s ad is a picture depicting a bathroom that has a pleasant interior due to the newly renovated shower. The ad promotes free installation, plus 24 months of interest free payments and promises to make shower and bath remodeling simple. The ad also displays their business ratings from Facebook and Google to assure prospective clients that they are knowledgeable and satisfactorily complete any renovation jobs they acquire.

Objectives: The objectives are to locate potential clients who want their bathrooms renovated and have the disposable income to do so. The objectives are certainly attainable and can be measured by how many leads this specific form of advertising generates. The ad does not appear to be time sensitive. (Furthermore, I have seen commercials for these individuals during the COVID-19 crisis. They are still advertising their services, the accommodations they are making due to the virus, and letting prospective clients know that they are STILL open for business.)

Target Market: The target market is certainly homeowners looking to renovate their showers or bathrooms. In light of the economic climate at this time, it is also for more affluent viewers who have the disposable income to make these expensive renovations at a time when many are losing their jobs and coping with how they will pay their bills.

Action of Viewers: The ad is encouraging viewers to contact West Shore Home to get more information about their services and see how this business can renovate their showers and/or bathrooms to make them as pleasing as possible.

Value Proposition: West Shore Home utilizes the Google and Facebook reviews to assure their potential clients that they will provide an exceptional experience if they decide to hire them for these renovations. Additionally, they provide incentives such as free installation and no interest financing to convince consumers that they are receiving the best value for their money.