Pedro’s South of the Border Billboards

Description: This outdoor advertisement informs viewers about the upcoming amusements at the South of the Border in Dillon, South Carolina; and, encourages individuals to stop when traveling on I-95. The billboard features the well-known character Pedro who promotes the fireworks, food and fun that is available at the South of the Border landmark. Moreover, it jokingly makes fun of the broken English language and the Hispanic accents that accompany many individuals who are indeed from the actual South of the Border. Read more here on the controversy this has caused

Objectives: The objectives of the ad are to have more visitors and subsequently sell more products at the South of the Border venue. The objectives are certainly attainable and could be measured by surveys of how many individuals stop simply because of the numerous billboards they encounter along the route. Since the venue is ALWAYS open, these advertisements are not time sensitive.

Target Market: The target market is travelers along I-95. Whether these travelers are truckers, children, their parents, adolescents, or older adults; South of the Border boasts something for everyone!

Action of Viewers: These advertisements are meant to encourage viewers to stop and promises fun for everyone of all ages.
Value Proposition: South of the Border promotes something for everyone and promises not to disappoint. Since they have food, gifts, and other amusements for individuals of all ages they guarantee that individuals will find something that they will like.

Value Proposition: South of the Border promotes something for everyone and promises not to disappoint. Since they have food, gifts, and other amusements for individuals of all ages they guarantee that individuals will find something that they will like.


God Speaking Billboards

Description: The God billboards are some of my favorites. They are humorous and typically have a message that targets believers. The messages are appealing and depending on what the individual who sees it is experiencing in their lives, it can evoke various emotions.

Objectives: The objectives are to target believers and non-believers alike. Essentially, these ads are utilized to promote God and spread his word. The objectives are definitely attainable and could be measured by how many individuals join church or accept Christ into their lives all because of a billboard! While the ads are not time specific, anyone who is believes in God understands that our bodies are!

Target Market: The target audience would be believers and non-believers alike. In the Bible it preaches about spreading God’s word to anyone who wants to learn.

Action of Viewers: The ad wants the viewer to take the sign literally and engage more with God. If they do so, the Bible promises everlasting life.

Value Proposition: Again, the value proposition here is everlasting life. God encourages everyone to live righteous lives, follow his word and spread the gospel. For this dedication, he declares his followers will have everlasting life.


McDonalds 18-Wheeler Delivery Truck

Description: The advertisement on the 18-wheeler in my opinion is genius. This photograph displays an 18-wheeler delivery truck with the iconic red of McDonald’s as well as the recognizable golden arch symbol on the trailer. Additionally, splayed across the trailer are an order of shoestring fries with the words, “Going, going, gone.” As the truck passes cars and other travelers along its route, it will be advertising McDonalds products and making a few cars stop and make purchases as a result.

Objectives: The objectives are to sell more McDonalds food products. The advertisement promotes one of the well-known menu items and encourages the audience to stop to the nearest McDonalds and make a purchase. The objectives are attainable and could be measured by how many individuals decide to eat there based on the advertisement. This ad is not time sensitive.

Target Market: The target market would be travelers confined to the car but who have the ability to make a stop if necessary. Additionally, it is important to note that children are also a target market as they can influence parents with their shenanigans when they want something!

Action of Viewers: McDonalds wants individuals to stop and enjoy their products. They guarantee satisfaction with speedy service and fresh selections.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that individuals who stop will essentially love their products. As the ad implies, once an individual begins eating it won’t be long before the food is, “going, going, gone!”


Xpress Auto Center

Description: This advertisement is for Xpress Auto Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. They have done an exceptional job with their marketing/advertising as they display a Volkswagen Beetle that has been driven into the building. The back half of the car is protruding from the building as if it has really crashed inside.

Objectives: The objectives are to draw viewers to Xpress Auto Center for auto repairs or any other work regarding automotive (i.e. inspections etc.) The objectives are certainly attainable and can be measured by how many individuals stop because of their attraction to the car that has seemingly crashed into the exterior of the building. The ad is not time sensitive.

Target Market: The target market would be anyone 16 and over looking for automotive assistance.

Action of Viewers: The advertisement wants viewers to be shocked by the car and essentially turn in if they are in need of service. Since the building sits off of a major highway it is easily identified with the car that looks as if it has plunged in the wall. If viewers should stop because they need automotive service, Xpress Auto Center will certainly take care of their needs.

Value Proposition: Because of their detail to advertising and marketing their product, viewers can essentially note that they are more than likely a reputable source for automotive services and that they will subsequently get the job done properly.


Statue of Liberty

Description: This outdoor advertisement is that of the iconic Statue of Liberty. For many years, this statue was a beacon of light for all who desired better opportunities in a new land that promoted equality regardless of gender or ethnicity. During the periods of mass immigration to the United States, Ellis Island, located in New York was the first stop for many. This statue was one of the first monuments these individuals observed and further reinforced their dreams to have better lives.

Objectives: The objectives were to encourage individuals to come to America in the efforts to pursue better opportunities for themselves and their families (and help to grow the economy). The objectives are attainable and somewhat measurable. While immigration laws have changed substantially, those who immigrated during earlier periods could be surveyed to identify what the Statue of Liberty meant to them when they came to this new land. Moreover, although the advertisement is not time specific and still encompasses these same sentiments; times have changed and so has the idea of equal opportunities for all.

Target Market: The target market is anyone who believes that America is indeed the land of opportunity.

Action of Viewers: The advertisement previously encouraged individuals from all over the world to come to America for an attempt at a better life. Many immigrants did just that and are pleased with their decision and the subsequent fruits of their labor. Now, with ever changing immigration laws, it is somewhat of an oxymoron.

Value Proposition: The value proposition is that those who come to America seeking better opportunities will indeed have a better life for themselves and their family members.


11 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns-Outdoor Ads

  1. Tiffany,

    We are on the same page with the South of the Border outdoor ads! I really thought I was being original with this one (ha!)

    Interesting take on the Statue of Liberty. I honestly never looked at it as marketing, but you might have changed my mind! The only thing I would say is that you have to understand the meaning behind the Statue of Liberty to understand the message. If you know the message, it is great marketing for America.

    I agree that marketing on an 18 wheeler is genius. It may have been earlier this week that I literally wanted McDonald’s (which is rare) after riding behind one of these trucks. They are essentially making money to ship their product to their stores just by advertising and planting the seed of “you want our fries” in millions of people’s brains. Those plain white 18 wheelers that we see driving down the street could have Burger King’s products for all we know, so clearly they are losing money!


    • Ha! Same here with the South of the Border ads…Immediately when I noted that we had to analyze outdoor campaigns, my mind went straight to Pedro. I have been enamored with those ads since I was a child. It was nice to give them their proper recognition (and to learn about Mr. Schafer in the process). Because of the giant outdoor statue of Pedro, I also thought about the Statue of Liberty and what it is supposed to mean for our country. Although the statue was given to us as a gift of friendship, it is supposed to stand for freedom; I guess we didn’t get the message given our ugly history of slavery, systematic racism, and subsequent inequality on various ethnic groups. In any event, I genuinely feel that the message has been clearer for some (generally the immigrants who were able to observe it as they came into the harbor) and continues to serve as a beacon of light for freedom and democracy today.
      Yes, McDonalds has done something right! I once saw an 18-wheeler with a big mac being advertised on the side and almost instantaneously my mouth begin to water. So true, Burger King and other reputable fast food corporations better follow suit or they could potentially be losing money in prospective customers. I mean, like you said, their food has to be delivered to them anyway…might as well advertise on the trucks and see what additional profits coming rolling in. Thanks for your feedback!

      Stay well and safe,

  2. DUSTIN BROWN says:

    While I find your perspective of the Statue of Liberty an interesting take on advisement, I must agree with other posters that it was originally a gift of friendship from France. The iconic emblem of America has been used countless times for different advisements since then, and I foresee that trend continuing. I think one of the simplest but thought-provoking ad from your presentation is the God billboard. In entertainment, such as movies, as well as everyday life, people have often uttered the phrase “God give me a sign.” This tongue in cheek advertisement promotes religion, yet it does it in a way that is humorous, thoughtful, and not overpowering. While the ad doesn’t promote any one religion or church it makes the reader think.

    • Hi Dustin, I don’t disagree with the fact that it was given as a symbol of friendship. I have however noticed that the connotations designated upon the statue now, far exceed the original meaning. I’ve watched the movie Titanic at least 100 times and I always love seeing the end when the RMS Carpathia brought the remaining survivors into New York. The main character looks up to identify the Statue of Liberty; but, because of the storyline the audience recognizes that this statue means more than just a symbol of friendship. For her (albeit a fictional character) and many other immigrants coming in on Pier 54 it was a chance at a better life in the land of opportunity. Thanks for stopping by and thank you tremendously for your feedback!

  3. I really appreciate ads which take a stance of approaching a direct audience, like the God ads. Like you mentioned, these ads are likely directed at believers and could probably even rub some audiences the wrong way. However, when you know you have a built audience, why not build off of that success!

  4. Tripp Viverette says:

    I enjoyed your ads. The South of the Boarder always crack me up. I typically turn off of I-95 onto to I-26, and wish they were on I-26 as well. They keep me entertained. I always liked the God billboards as well. They were always very simple and effective. I never thought about the Statue of Liberty being an ad, but it very much is one of the great symbols of the USA.

    • Hi Tripp,
      Thanks for your feedback. When I read through the directions for the assignment and I noted that Dr.Lockwood said we could include statues (such as Pedro from the South of the Border) I immediately thought about the Statue of Liberty and the subsequent value proposition that she conveys to many immigrants that have come into New York; and, the connotations that she continues to carry today. While she may not have traditionally been placed there as an advertisement, to me, she has certainly become one. Thanks again for your comment!

  5. Creative and well thought out post Tiffany!
    It is awesome that we both did South of the Border. The Pedro character has almost become the mascot of South Carolina..ha! Creative thinking in reviewing the McDonalds 18 wheeler and including the Statue of Liberty as an advertisement! Impressive.


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