1) Goldfish Veggie Crackers


Description: The magazine advertisement is a colorful depiction of Goldfish veggie crackers and showcases Pepperidge Farms newest addition to their snack repertoire. The orange goldfish are in the shape of a carrot and the burgundy colored ones in the shape of a tomato. The advertisement informs the audience that Goldfish will now have a new type consisting of 1/3 serving of vegetables and the flavors will be sweet carrot and cheesy tomato.

Objectives: The objectives of the campaign are to inform viewers that there will be new line of products and get them interested prior to the product hitting the shelves. The objectives are certainly attainable and can be measured by how many individuals purchase this new product within the first 6 months of the campaign. (The ad is not time sensitive)

Target Market: The target market would be parents looking to find a healthier snack for their children. Children who like goldfish and would be interested in trying the new flavors; as well as individuals who enjoy the goldfish product line and would be interested in tasting the new flavors as well.

Action of Viewers: Pepperidge Farm is encouraging their viewers to eat healthier. They are maintaining that the snack is still just as delicious, but now contains 1/3 serving of vegetables in the pack.

Value Proposition: Pepperidge Farms upholds that Goldfish is the “Snack that Smiles Back.” Most small children enjoy the snack and the fact that is in the shape of a cute goldfish with a friendly smile. The company asserts that these Goldfish will come with all of the fun including the 1/3 serving of vegetables!


2) Zyrtec

Description: The Zyrtec ad is displaying a woman playing miniature golf in the midst of her allergies. As she sneezes, she releases the putter and subsequently puts all others around her in danger due to her allergies.

Objectives: The objectives of the ad are to sell more Zyrtec. Even at the bottom of the ad there is a small blurb that maintains that if Zyrtec is taken consistently then the user will experience less disruptions due to allergies. It states, “Zyrtec starts working hard as hour one. It works twice as hard when you take it again the next day and stays strong day after day.” The objectives are attainable and can be measured by how many individuals purchase this product due to the advertisement. (The ad is not time sensitive.)

Target Market: The target market would be anyone who experiences discomfort due to allergies. The target market could also include those who live in a household with others affected by these seasonal atrocities and are aware of the inconveniences they can cause.

Action of Viewers: The ad encourages the viewer to purchase Zyrtec so that they will no longer have to “muddle through allergies.” As mentioned above, the company asserts that with continual usage, the user will experience consistent allergy relief.

Value Proposition: Zyrtec affirms that their users will “Muddle no more.” If the product is taken routinely, users will experience less days with the debilitating effects of allergies.


3) Bioré- Charcoal Cleanser and Daily Purifying Cleanser

Description: The ad is for Bioré Charcoal Deep Pore Cleanser as well as Bioré Rose Quartz and Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser. In the middle of the advertisement there is are charcoal and rose quartz chunks shaped like a heart.

Objectives: The advertisement is informing the audience of two new facial products by Bioré. The campaign is meant to sell more as it explains the benefits of what each product can do simultaneously. The objectives are certainly attainable and can be measured by how many individuals purchase these products because of the advertisement. (The campaign is not time sensitive.)

Target Market: The target market is more than likely females looking to keep their skin clear; but, with the inclusion of men and transgender individuals this product could be advertised and subsequently sold to anyone looking to have clearer skin.

Action of Viewers: Bioré declares that with the charcoal product individuals will be getting dirt out and the rose quartz and charcoal cleanser will be moisturizing the skin and “pore-ing” love in. While the product does not claim to “clear” skin, it does avow to “free your pores.”

Value Proposition: Since Bioré has been around for some time, individuals recognize that they are a reputable brand. Their products maintain that they will allow you to deep clean your skin, resulting in clearer pores. They go on further to assert that if you love your pores, you will essentially love yourself!


4) Colgate Optic White

Description: The Colgate advertisement displays their Optic White Renewal toothpaste which is believed to remove 10 years of yellow stains with consistent brushing. The ad also depicts the toothpaste as if it is being illuminated for its spectacular whitening effects.

Objectives: The objectives of the ad are to sell more of the toothpaste. This is certainly attainable as the company can ascertain how much sells increase as this campaign progresses. (The ad is not time sensitive).

Target Market: The target market would be anyone who is interested in whitening their teeth. Since it is said to remove 10 years of stains, I would also gather that this product is specifically made for individuals 20 and over.

Action of Viewers: The ad wants the viewer to go out and purchase this toothpaste. The company maintains that with adequate brushing (twice daily for four weeks) the user will recognize the noticeable results.

Value Proposition: This product is said to have the most hydrogen peroxide in a whitening toothpaste and that coupled with routine brushing it will subsequently remove 10 years of yellow stains that may plague individuals. It promises to renew their teeth to shades that haven’t been observed for a decade!


5) Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Cookies

Description: The advertisement displays a stack of perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies on a plate next to a glass of milk being poured.

Objectives: The objectives of the ad are to get individuals to purchase these Farmhouse cookies. The objectives are certainly attainable and can be measured by the increase or decrease of sales after the launch of the campaign. (The advertisement is not time sensitive).

Target Market: The target market is anyone who enjoys chocolate chip cookies. However, the ad highlights that these are “not your mother’s cookies” so I would affirm that these cookies are made for adolescents and older adults who are no longer able to enjoy their “mother’s” cookies as often as they did when they were small children.

Action of Viewers: The ad is encouraging the audience to purchase these cookies and enjoy how close they are to the fresh, homemade delicacies we can remember from our childhood.

Value Proposition: The company maintains that, “these aren’t your mother’s cookies, they just taste like it,” which further expresses how close they are to homemade. Since many individuals are unable to have their mother’s bake cookies for them, Pepperidge Farm promises not to disappoint with cookies that will remind them of home. Their tagline further depicts this with the slogan, “there’s no taste like home.”

14 thoughts on “Greatest Marketing Campaigns-Magazine

  1. Tiffany,

    You have another set of great ads! The gold fish ad is really smart. If a parent is reading the magazine and sees the ad, I agree with you, they will want to buy it because it will be healthy for their children. I the child sees the ad over their parent’s shoulder, they will most likely show interest in the snack too because in a fun way, the snack is being portrayed. It almost looks like an art activity that they would make in school!

    I would buy this for myself because I am interested in healthy snacks.


    • Hello again!
      It’s funny you mentioned buying the snack from seeing the ad. That’s exactly how I felt about a few of the ads I uploaded. I’m already a fan of Pepperidge Farm so I’m sure I’ll get around to purchasing both of the products advertised. Just yesterday I went to Target and purchased the Colgate toothpaste! The next time I make a run to the store, I want to try the Biore products as well. I am always looking for something for my skin that will cleanse my pores well and not dry my face out and though I haven’t tried them, the advertising has me sold! I guess they did their job, huh? 🙂


  2. Hi TK, great selection of ads. The goldfish ad made me hungry, and then the Zyrtec ad made me laugh. As an allergy victim (I know its a bit dramatic but its how I feel.) I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown off myself during a group activity or an important activity, or thrown off the entire group. Talk about embarrassing. Thankfully I have very graceful friends so we always find a way to laugh. What I found really interesting about your analysis is that you mentioned the strength of the medication if taken over and over again…Honestly, I don’t really read the fine print so I would have missed that portion of the ad as a regular viewer reading a magazine. I wonder if others had this same experience and if maybe it was a successful ad, but not as successful as it could have been due to the small font and placement.

    • I agree, I suffer from allergies as well and really understood their slogan, “muddle no more.” Because essentially, that’s exactly how seasonal allergies makes an individual feel. Additionally, as I’ve matured I make sure to read fine print (honestly, I hate fine print because I feel that it is deceptive) and I’ve noticed that if one is not careful to read this information, it can have adverse effects towards how appropriate the medication works or in other cases may have additional facts that a person should know. I appreciate you for stopping by 🙂

  3. Hello Tiffany!

    Great selection of ads! I particularly are drawn to the Goldfish and the Biore ads. They both use something to dictate their message. The Goldfish in the shapes of vegetables and the Biore ad using Quartz and Charcoal to send an additional message.

    Good job!

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